Le Piantagioni del Caffè: Estate coffee, Quality coffee

“[…] travelling in search of coffee, like the most renown merchants of spices used to do in the past, not waiting passively for someone to sell you something they think you like, or that you believe you like because that’s just the way it has always been or you choose something only because its name sounds familiar.”

Enrico Meschini, Travel diary

Le Piantagioni del caffè

From the passionate search of the raw materials to the roasting and the preparation.

Estate coffee is the underlying idea that since 1994 has marked our business.

The origin of coffee, the estates

In our coffees… the indelible signature of the land, of the botanical variety, of the selective harvesting, pulping, drying process.



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“Travelling the world, tasting coffees, knowing farmers and making products exceeding by far my rosiest expectations, I have realized in a short time that my fleeting dreams had come true. ”

Enrico Meschini, Travel diary