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Le Vespe Caffè

Watch the video to find out why Gaia Tilli and Selena Cristo have chosen Le Piantagioni del Caffè specialty coffees for their coffee shop Le Vespe Caffè.

American coffee and a real brunch in Florence!

Gaia and Selena are the owners of Le Vespe Caffè, an international coffee shop located in the centre of Florence.

We met them at a trade show, while they were looking for a coffee suitable for the American brew. This type of extraction is rather unusual in Italy but it’s widely known abroad and highly appreciated by their international clientele. Our specialty coffees are a perfect choice for the extraction methods other than espresso and they make a great match with the rich brunch served at Le Vespe!

We are proud to please our customers by providing alternative and unique products, as in the case of Gaia and Selena, who in turn can offer the best solutions to their clients!

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