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Il nuovo caffè PASTICCERI arriva a HOST 2023!


PASTICCERI – For Specialty People’: From an idea to HOST 2023!

In the world of pastries, every detail counts, and each sensory experience is fundamental. What better way to round out an extraordinary experience than with an impeccable cup of coffee? Le Piantagioni del Caffè is excited to announce the official presentation of its coffee, ‘PASTICCERI – For Specialty People’ at the HOST 2023 fair in Milan, to be held from 13 to 17 October. This innovative coffee is the result of unprecedented collaboration with a number of creative pastry chefs who have actively participated in its development.

The Birth of ‘PASTICCERI’

‘PASTICCERI’ is not just a blend of coffees, but the result of inspiration, shared among pastry chefs and the Le Piantagioni del Caffè team. For the first time ever, pastry chefs were directly involved in the process of developing a coffee blend. Two intensive sessions were held at important places for coffee: the Accademia dell’Espresso – La Marzocco in Florence and the Dalla Corte tasting room in Milan. During these sessions, the pastry chefs explored various types of single-plantation coffee, experiencing the sensory characteristics and combining them into an initial blend created by averaging all the scores.

Creative Collaboration

The tasting sessions allowed the pastry chefs to dive into in the world of coffee, discovering the aromas, overlapping tastes, and subtleties. Together with expert tasters from Le Piantagioni del Caffè, a blend was created at each event. This experimental process was essential in defining the unique aromatic profile of ‘PASTICCERI’, which we are now refining at Le Piantagioni del Caffè. The result is a coffee with notes of hazelnut, lime, and milk chocolate, which seems perfect for pairing with Italian and international pastry creations.

The Definitive Blend

Following the tasting sessions, the Le Piantagioni del Caffè team worked intensely to analyse the comments, desires, and scores collected from the pastry chefs. Each detail was considered to create the definitive blend, which reflects the needs and sensations that emerged from the tasting sessions.

An Innovative Project

The ‘PASTICCERIA – For SPECIALTY PEOPLE’ project is a unique opportunity for pastry chefs to play a central role in creating the ideal coffee for their confections. This is not just a coffee, but tangible support for the craftsmanship and innovation involved in pastry-making. Coffee is no longer just a complementary beverage, but a fundamental element that contributes to the overall customer experience.


In a world where attention to detail is essential, the collaboration between pastry chefs and Le Piantagioni del Caffè has led to an extraordinary blend: ‘PASTICCERI – For Specialty People’. This innovative creation is destined to lift the level of culinary experiences and create a bridge between the world of pastries and high-quality coffee. This is not just a coffee, but a shared experience and an opportunity to transform the way in which we perceive and enjoy both art forms.

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