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Watch the video to find out why Antonio Cometa has chosen Le Piantagioni del Caffè specialty coffees in his shop Menomoka.

Quality coffees and alternative extraction methods.

For Antonio Cometa, owner of Menomoka, the watchword is diversity, both in the types of coffee and in the extraction methods. This coffee shop was born from the need to create a place in Modena where to drink a quality espresso and the owner has then been charmed by the wide choice of our estate coffees and by their unlimited expressive options. Antonio is curious like us and he loves to experiment. Using alternative extraction methods, such as Chemex, V60 and Aeropress, he takes out the scents and the aromas of each coffee to the fullest.

We share with Menomoka the passion for discovery and Antonio has chosen our coffees because we can offer him a wide panorama, full of excellence!

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