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“Bloom With Us” is our introduction to Le Piantagioni del Caffè’s greatest transformation in its entire history. 
Over the last two years, we’ve reflected on our identity, our vision and the direction we’d like the specialty coffee market – and the quality coffee world in general – to take.
We’ve reflected on what we’d like our role in all this to be.
What is the future of this segment of the market? 
We’ve decided to play a clear role, to once again be pioneers of change: we believe coffee should be about relaxed enjoyment, joy, accessibility and drinkability.
It should be cool, trendy, pop.
It should shed its niche identity and engage an ever-growing cohort of potential enthusiasts.
We believe that this change can only happen by tearing down the barriers built up over time between coffee specialists and those approaching the scene for the first time. 
In a world where everyone has less and less time, and more and more stimuli, the quality coffee world needs to make itself accessible and appealing in a more concrete, direct, drinkable way.
Hence the metamorphosis: our approach to the product hasn’t changed, but we’ve developed three distinct coffee lines and are embracing a new look. We want to reach beyond established coffee enthusiasts to those who want “more”, but who are not yet involved or curious, who
still drink coffee simply as an energising drink.
We believe that there’s a bit of “specialty” in everyone: we all have passions that drive us, captivate us, inspire us.

This is at the heart of our “Specialty People” concept: everyone who is strongly passionate has the potential to be one of us, to go beyond the mass-market product and appreciate the value of quality, artisanal alternatives.
If you’re one of the Specialty People, then you’re one of us.
You want more and, when it comes to coffee, we’re here to give it to you.

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