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Why and how coffee is roasted

How to roast single estate coffee

Hello, I’m Andrea from “Le Piantagioni del Caffè” and I will tell you about how we roast our single plantation coffee even when it is used for blends.

Beyond the origin, coffee is distinguished by species, botanical variety, humidity, density, and many other characteristics.
So each type of coffee needs the right degree of roasting and the correct roasting curve that will bring out the best.
Given the fact that from one kilogram of coffee just one gram of aromatic part is extracted, you can imagine the care that the coffee roaster must have.
Making a blend with single plantation coffee involves complex research for harmony and flavors that is balanced.
To achieve this the roasting has to be differentiated.
For example, if we cook different kinds (sizes, shapes, grains) of pasta in a pot of water…
could you imagine what a disaster?!

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