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Different types of coffee roasts

Hello, I am Alessandro from “Le Piantagioni del Caffè” and I will walk you through the
different types of coffee roasts from light to dark.

Light roasts are filter brewed and they develop the acid, the fruity, and the floral parts more.
Darks roasts are more suitable for Moka and espresso. They develop a greater body in the cup.
Also, the acidity level is less aggressive which is great for espresso.
Different types of coffee roasts are achieved depending on the coffee’s features, the species, the variety, the origin, the processing method, and above all the brewing method.
Light roasts allow for the coffee’s features to stay as unchanged as possible.
For this reason and thanks to the expertise gained over the years, we decided to use the light roast also for espresso to ensure an optimal result in the cup at its full potential.

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