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Types of coffee roasts and brewing methods

Hi, I am Alessandro from “Le Piantagioni del Caffè” and in this video I will talk about the
different types of coffee roasts based on the brewing methods.

At the coffee roaster, we use Specialty coffee which requires close attention to the roasting process.
For example, Yrgalem is an Ethiopian washed coffee with good acidity and notes of bergamot and flower. Therefore, it needs a lighter roast.
On the other hand, Samambaia needs a darker roast.
It is a natural coffee that we use in our blends to give a good body and chocolate notes in a cup.
Each brewing method needs a different coffee roast. Lighter if the coffee is suitable for the filter (Chemex e v60).
In this way, in the cup it will release fine acidity and floral notes that will make it delightful and recognizable.
Darker roasts are suited for espresso, Moka, french press, and Aeropress since they give
more body, a less aggressive acidity, and a more rounded and enjoyable result in the cup.

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