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How to prepare a moka pot

Hello, I’m Paolo from “Le Piantagioni del Caffè” and today I will talk about the moka pot,
invented by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933.

Let’s see how to prepare it.

Take the boiler and pour hot water in it at a temperature of about 80°C for a quantity of 200 grams.
Then place the filter and a dose of powder equivalent to one-tenth of the water weight, therefore 20 grams per 200 ml of water.
At this point close the moka pot and let’s brew the coffee.
Why did I use water at 80°C?
I did it in order to keep the coffee on the stove as little as possible so that it suffers less stress from the heat. At “Le Piantagioni del Caffè” we have also increased the size of our grind to extract the
coffee a little faster and make sure it doesn’t get burnt.
We care a lot about the fact that in the cup you can perceive the aromatic profile described on the label.
After some tests in the laboratory, we discovered that the right grind for our coffees is slightly coarser than the average grind for moka.
Now at the last puff, it is best to turn off the fire!

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