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How to make coffee

What coffee brewing means

Hi, I’m Prunella from “Le Piantagioni del Caffè” and today I will explain what coffee brewing means.

Coffee brewing means extracting from the roasted coffee bean all the substances that make the coffee enjoyable, be it espresso or filter coffee.
In order to brew coffee, water is needed, hot or cold, but it is always needed.
Water plays a primary role. It must be purified or low mineral water because depending on
its mineral content it can extract more or less of the substances contained in the roasted bean.

Let’s take two examples.
Hard water has no space to extract, so it will not extract much when approaching the coffee cloth. Instead, soft water is freer to put it simply.
So this water has a high extraction power.
If we use very soft water, we will extract a lot from the coffee until reaching a point where if the water is too soft, it will extract too much.
Therefore bringing all the unwanted substances that will ruin our coffee in the cup.

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