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How to clean a moka pot

Hi, I’m Paolo from “Le Piantagioni del Caffè” and in this video I will teach you how to keep your moka pot clean.

The Moka pots are made from one of two materials: stainless steel easy to clean and aluminum.
The latter is a cheaper material that absorbs odors and residue such as, for coffee, the essential oils of previous brewing deposited on the porous surface.
If the pot isn’t cleaned, these oils are released in the following brewing giving rise to unpleasant

To clean the aluminum moka pot, one has to disassemble it: removing the gasket to gain access to the filter, spraying the specific product, and rub it with a paper towel.
To clean the steel Moka pot is much easier.
After removing the gasket, one can put the moka pot directly into the glass washer where it’s always clean and ready for use.

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