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Espresso tasting

I am Enrico from “Le Piantagioni del caffè” and in this video I’ll walk you through the espresso tasting.

Usually, the coffee quality level is evaluated not only with a physical analysis but also with a type of infusion tasting called coffee cupping.
This tasting technique has always been used to classify coffee.
Also, it has a worldwide recognized standardization. Sadly, the same thing does not apply to espresso.
In Italy, we are bound to make a double tasting: coffee cupping, to share the same language as
the producer, and espresso tasting, to speak our own.
As I was saying, there is neither an international nor an Italian standardization for espresso.
In Italy, several types of coffee with various levels of roasting are used depending on the latitude.
It is only through a detailed tasting card and thanks to the consideration of a large number of descriptors that we achieve a complete evaluation frame that will allow us to classify and compare different kinds of coffee.

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