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Finca Santuario

Cauca, Colombia

Our days on the estate, discovering a unique process

Santuario farm history began 22 years ago when Camilo Merizalde created a uinque farm, capable of producing the best Colombian specialty coffees.


What is interesting about this small lot is the process under which hand picked coffee cherries have gone.

Black lime gives this speciality coffee a very interesting profile

How is this coffee produced

The process is called Black Lime and consists of bouble carbonic maceration with Mosto (cascara-juice) followed by depulping (until 35% of mucilage) and drying.


We were definitely impressed by the distinctive organoleptic profile, very sweet and with a fresh acidity resulting from this innovative manufacturing process, which releases aromas of rose tea, lemongrass and thyme.

Finca Santuario
The estate of Finca Santuario

Some data

  • Botanical variety: Red bourbon
  • Processing: black lime
  • Harvest: May – July / November – January
  • Drying: on African beds
  • Altitude: 1.850 -2.000 m asl

You find these beans in those coffees:

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