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Paolo Brunelli

Watch the video and discover why Paolo Brunelli chose Le Piantagioni del Caffè specialty coffees for his creations and his shops.

Chocolate and Gelato Maker from Marche Region

Paolo Brunelli is an incurably headstrong enthusiast.

Study, research and the desire to shape his own future, moving beyond his roots in the hotel and
catering world led him to where he is now, among Italy’s leading gelato and chocolate specialists.
Paolo’s work is driven by the pursuit of quality but, above all, by a desire to capture in his products,
work processes and pairings the emotion that only a bite of one of his cakes or a taste of one of his
gelatos can deliver. This is the inspiration behind his shops (most recently Combo): they are a meeting point between his art and the exceptional produce of those he regards as virtuous artisans from different sectors of the culinary world, from coffee to wine!

We found each other and understood each other, and that’s why Paolo Brunelli chose our

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