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The creation of CSC

Hi, I’m Enrico from “Le Piantagioni del Caffè” and in this video I will tell you about the creation of CSC – Certified Special Coffee Association.

The association was born twenty-five years ago after a whole year of discussions on how it should operate. It is inspired by the products’ presentation of some Brazilian coffee producers that for the first time had the opportunity to export right away by conforming to the laws of the country.
Therefore from the start, the idea was to guarantee quality through a deep and friendly relationship with the producers.
In addition to this, it was settled that all our certified coffee bore a label with a numbered holographic, thus anti-counterfeiting, to be certain that it could not be reproduced and that it would allow us to guarantee its traceability.
Twenty-five years ago we were indeed at the dawn of the diffusion and certification process of the Special Coffees which greatly developed later!

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