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How CSC coffee is certified

Hi, I’m Enrico from “Le Piantagioni del Caffè” and I will tell you about the certification process of special coffee.

The certification process is as complex as often happens when one wants to guarantee something special.
It is essentially based on plantation coffee. Each year the producers of single plantations send their products that are judged through a double tasting: cupping and espresso.
The double tasting results are compared with the standards previously defined by a technical commission. If the results match the standards, that plantation coffee becomes certifiable for one year.
During that year, the CSC roaster members can buy it, but when they receive it, in the arrival ports, the coffee has to go through another double tasting.
If the results still match the standards and the test is positive, the roaster will receive the stamps in number proportional to the quantity of imported beans net of the weight loss suffered after the processing.

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