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How to brew coffee with Hario V60

I’m Paolo from “Le Piantagioni del Caffè” and in this video I will brew San Pedro coffee with Hario v60.

Insert the paper coffee filter in the dripper, this cone.
Wet the filter with the preheated water to 91 degrees to get two effects: first, removing the scent of paper that comes out and, second, preheating the container in order to serve the coffee at the best temperature.
Weight 30 grams of coffee and then grind it with a medium grind similar to yellow flour.
After taring the scale, check the weight of the ground coffee and try to evenly distribute the coffee powder in the filter.
At this point take the kettle back, reset the scale and start the timer.
Wet the powder trying to evenly cover all the material without exaggerating and also trying to pour about 2/3 times the maximum weight of the coffee.
In this case, for 30 grams of coffee, I poured 70 grams of water.
Then the blooming phase can start. Here the carbon dioxide of the ground coffee is expelled through the bubbles on the surface (this phase is called blooming or flowering).

About 30 seconds after the first pour, keep pouring with circular spiral motions from the inside to the outside or vice versa trying to find your rhythm.
Try not to rise too much the water level in order to prevent the grains from sticking to the walls of the filter without being infused.
For this type of brewing, it is fundamental to find a routine and to stick to it for the following times.
The same routine and rhythm will always give you the coffee you enjoy.
Once reached the amount of water required for the recipe, in this case it is 500 ml, you can give the liquid a further turbulence by creating a small vortex or just mixing it using a teaspoon.
(You can do the same during the blossoming phase. I don’t because it’s not part of my routine.)

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