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How to brew coffee with AeroPress

Hello, I’m Paolo from “Le Piantangioni del Caffè” and in this video I will brew a single
plantation coffee, Dambi Uddo, with AeroPress.

There are two ways to brew with AeroPress (and there are numerous recipes): the traditional method in which you put the coffee here and then you pour the water, and the reverse method which is the one that I use.
Today I will show you how to brew with the reverse method.
Mount the plunger in the cylinder and put it at the base of the number 4.
I’m waiting for the water to reach the desired temperature of 90 degrees. Then, I will wet the paper inserted at the base of the plastic filter that will be attached to the base of our AeroPress later.
So… in the meantime, I will wet the filter to remove the smell of paper and to make it stick to the plastic filter. Place it on the side and start heating the AeroPress.
Compared to other methods, AeroPress isolates the liquid and maintains the temperature thanks to the plastic.
This is why in this method, given also that we will apply a slight pressure, the water is less heated.
Now I’ll remove the water and I will grind the desired amount of coffee.
I will grind about 15 grams of coffee considering the size of the AeroPress, the level where the filter is in and the maximum capacity of 200 ml of water.
We have to grind thinner than for v60 and Chemex because we will apply some pressure and we need the coffee to oppose resistance.
Always check that our ground coffee has the same weight as the grains to verify that the grinder has not retained some of the coffee.

At this point pour it and distribute it in the cylinder with the help of the funnel supplied by the AeroPress. Now we are ready for the dispensing.
Start the timer and do a pre-infusion, as for all the other methods.
If you want you can use a paddle to mix.
In this method, I also like to give it a little spin to create turbulence.
Wait 30 seconds and then pour the remaining amount of water to reach 200 ml. Always with circular motions. Here too you can give a slight rotation and at this point, we can close the filter.
Remove the AeroPress from the scale. Then, with the help of a resistant container, turn the
AeroPress upside down (in this case on a milk jug) and apply uniform pressure on the liquid.
Now trying not to spill, let’s take off the AeroPress and we’re ready to serve our coffee.

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