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Santa Herminia Palomar, Chanchamayo, Junín, Perù

Our days on the estate, supporting virtuous enterprises

Coopchebi cooperative was founded in 1942 and, today, it has about 150 farmers, divided into 13 groups located in Junin and Pasco.

In 2019, many farmers replaced their coffee trees with more profitable coca plants, and this has had serious social and environmental consequences for the farmers and for the entire country.

Unfortunately “donce crece cafè, crece coca”…therefore Coopchebi worked in order to reduce the replacement of coffee with illegal coca plants. Coopchebi encouraged the cultivation of high quality coffee varieties which are much more profitable.

A social cooperative working to protect the environment and the community

How does this cooperative work?

Besides, Coopchebi delivers a coffee-cultivation training program to its members’ families, underlining the importance of food-safety and food-diversification, by also providing many different seeds to its members.

Here the coffee is produced in compliance with the rules of organic farming and Bird Friendly protocols.

Where this coffee comes from

This coffee is grown in the shade of undergrowth, it is hand-picked, and then it is processed in the historic plant of the Peruvian Corporation.

Coopchebi has been developed by our friend Felix Marin, an agricultural engineer who has committed himself to promote the social progress through the implementation of high quality productions.

Coopchebi Estate

Some Data

You’ll find these beans in these coffees:

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