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Finca La Pradera

Aratoca, Santander, Columbia

Our days on the estate, biodiversity and tropical birds

Oscar Daza produces this coffee at La Pradera, near Aratoca village. This finca is organic and bird friendly certified (Bird Friendly standards are the strictest of all environmental standards. Farms must not only be certified organic, but also meet additional criteria to ensure the forest cover serving as a habitat for birds and other wildlife is preserved) and Oscar produces coffee under the shade of more than 15 different tree species.


His agroforestry system goes against the Federation’s recommendations, but he stands firmly by it. This system ensure a variety of habitats exist, supporting an abundance of wildlife. Surveys conducted by biologists have revealed that a shade coffee plantation harbours almost as much biodiversity as a rainforest.

Environmental protection and organic farming to help wildlife

How is this special coffee produced

Oscar has taken the farm over from his father, José Rosario Daza and he is the first in the region to finance his own organic certification, which is something the Federation generally pays for.


He has an entrepreneurial temperament, and it was this that pushed him to become independent, in order to find his own customers, be free to make his own decisions and manage his production. Despite a few difficult years spent battling with the Federation, Oscar now sells more than 60% of his production directly for export.

Characteristics of this coffee

His Geisha was a real blast and we could do nothing but choosing it for one of our Dirompenti coffees!

Well-structured aromas with notes of plum, peach and honey, accompanied by an exceptional, velvety body – a true gem!

Finca La Pradera
La Pradera estate

Some data

  • Botanical variety: Geisha
  • Processing: washed
  • Harvest: September – December
  • Drying: on patios
  • Altitude: 1.600 – 2.000 m asl

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