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Our product range has been developed to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.
We work for your success.

Each coffee is unique

We travel to the source countries. We work with the farmers who tend the coffee plants. We roast the coffee from each estate individually, applying a dedicated roasting profile.

The “Di Piantagione” line showcases these coffees in their pure form.
The “Specialty People Blends” line features the same coffees combined – after roasting – to create blends that give rise to new flavours to suit any occasion.

The “Dirompenti” line features premium coffees that deliver inimitable experiences; they also make great gifts.


Unique coffees for unique needs

Our product range is structured to ensure it includes something to satisfy all our clients’ various needs.
Market research and an insight into your customers will help us recommend the products best suited to you..

What are the benefits?

Such a tailored, personalised approach to choosing your coffees can contribute to improving efficiency, satisfaction and results at your workplace.

The coffees we select together will perfectly complement the other products you offer, and satisfy the sort of customers you attract!

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