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Pastry and ice-cream shops

Help the premium quality of your products stand out with our coffees: we have the perfect option for each of your customers and each of your creations.


Help your pastry and ice-cream shop stand out

You’ve spent hours, days and months studying and training to achieve excellence in your creations.


The coffee you serve – a key item on your menu – must therefore do justice to your efforts and complement your products, helping them stand out.


We have a range of products that is sure to include just what you and your customers are looking for.

Exceptionally tailored coffees

We’ve developed three lines of coffee: Specialty People Blends, Di Piantagione and Dirompenti, designed to meet all our professional clients’ needs. You can select a single-estate coffee for your most demanding customers, a blend made from the same coffees for those seeking a relaxed everyday drink without compromising on quality, and a coffee from our Dirompenti line to deliver an exceptional experience, also perfect for gifting!

What are the benefits?

Serving quality artisanal coffee shows your customers that you truly care about the details. It shows that their satisfaction is at the forefront of your mind.


This is why we have also spent time perfecting our communications strategy, our packaging and our merchandising material: your customers will notice these elements right away, and be further convinced of your passion.


Taste, experience, identifiability.

Coffee that attracts customers

And so your coffee will be more than just an energising drink or a nondescript breakfast accompaniment, easily replaced by any other coffee.

Your coffee will become an end unto itself, something people will seek out. Customers will go out of their way to drink it, thereby discovering your products and creations!

Time to discover our coffees

We don’t want to bore you with long spiels about why our coffees are special (or Specialty). We’d rather cut straight to the point and talk to you about some of the benefits our clients have enjoyed.

If we’ve sparked your interest, now is the time to find out more:

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