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Importance of travelling to producing countries

Hi, I’m Prunella from “Le Piantagioni del Caffè” and I will talk about the importance of traveling to raw coffee countries of origin.

The main reason why we travel to the countries of origin to buy raw coffee is to build a direct and real relationship with the producer. This is the only way we can assure the delivery of coffees not only of excellent quality but also consistent from the organoleptic view.
If we establish real relationships with the producers, they know that there is mutual esteem.
But, above all, they know that we want to support them and buy their coffee over time.
So they work better for us and with more joy, but also with more reliability.
So this is the main reason why we make these trips.
Then, of course, on these trips, we often have the opportunity to get to know other coffee roasters, usually non-Italian. We all can exchange information not only on the coffee produced by the farm we are visiting but also on each other’s markets. And this inevitably enriches us.
This kind of travel allows us to be constantly updated on the processing techniques in the countries of origin, on the botanical varieties planted by the farmers, and also on the coffee markets in those countries.

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