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Benefits of quality coffee in a pastry shop

Hello, I’m Iacopo from “Le Piantagioni del Caffè” and in this video I will explain the benefits of quality coffee in a pastry shop.

The pastry chef devotes hours, days and months studying and training to achieve excellence in his creations. It is only fair to expect him to dedicate the same time and energy when choosing coffee. Coffee is a key element among pastry products because it accompanies and enhances them.
Going into a pastry shop and finding a range of quality coffee is a further demonstration of the pastry chef’s care for his consumer.
An attentive consumer who enters a pastry shop that offers a wide range of quality products should expect an equally wide and in-depth coffee range.
She should expect to be able to choose between different coffees and different brewing methods so that she can live different experiences throughout the day.
Quality coffee in a pastry shop closes the circle of the relationship between the customer and the pastry chef: ensuring the former a higher level experience and the latter the opportunity to see his
customer several times in one day.

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