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Asaproaaa Association

Leon Cortés, Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Our days on the estate, in the solidarity cooperative

This microlot is grown in Tarrazu region, renowned for producing excellent coffee. Cultivated at the heart of a family farm, the coffee cherries are delivered to the Asoproaaa association.


Asoproaaa was established in 1998, following the devastating destruction in the region by Hurricane Mitch.

A cooperative of 1,200 small coffee and citrus producers

How is the coffee we have selected produced?

Now it counts over 1,200 coffee and citrus fruit producing family members and supports producers by providing financial, commercial and technical assistance for all its members and implementing programmes to improve the living conditions.

Why we chose this coffee

The fruity sweetness of this microlot is incredible, reminiscent of maple syrup.


It also has fruity notes of banana and fig, which complete the sensory profile of an exceptional coffee!

Asaproaaa Association
The Asaproaaa Association

Some data

  • Botanical variety: Red catuaì, red caturra
  • Processing: black honey
  • Harvest: April – May
  • Drying: on African beds
  • Altitude: 1.650 – 1.750 m asl

You’ll find these beans in these coffees:

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