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Strawberry hints in the smell, aromas of soft fruits, raspberry and red apple aftertaste.

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100% Arabica 100% Arabica
Sensory characteristics:
Fruity and subtly mellow
Ideal for:
Espresso Espresso
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The Dambi Uddo farm, in Ethiopia, is located in the Guji area, in the Shakisso district. Here, in compliance with the criteria of an agroforestry system, the coffee is grown alongside honey and wood, it is exclusively worked by hand and without the use chemical products.
The result of the work carried out according to this strict environmental ethics, is a specialty coffee, which obtained a 86+ SCA score and the GRADE 1-Q1 which represents the top of the quality level for an Ethiopian specialty coffee.
Being a fruity coffee, we propose it unblended. In the cup, it reveals strawberry hints in the smell, aromas of soft fruits, a raspberry and red apple aftertaste.
This coffee can be enjoyed at any time of day, either in espresso to fully enjoy its particular organoleptic profile, or in combination with milk to obtain a cappuccino with an unconventional and extremely sweet taste.

Single estate coffee

Dambi Uddo farm