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5 February 2019

Two new Brazilian coffees that have enchanted us

The quality of green coffee is built over time, making the most of the favourable territorial conditions of an area, managing with extreme care and attention the entire production process and continuously investing in the improvement of all the processing phases.

This is why every time we decide to collaborate with a new coffee farmer, we don’t just look at the quality of the coffee but, with an eye to the future, we also look into their training programs, the research and development they implement on the farm.

Only after a careful evaluation of the sustainability of these elements, that are fundamental to us, we can be reasonably sure that the quality of the coffee will be consistent, if not improved, over time.

On these assumptions, we set off looking for a new Brazilian washed coffee and, much to our surprise, we found two!

Cachoeira da Grama: a coffee to enjoy unblended

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3 km from the border of the state of Minas Gerais, for more than one century, the Carvalho Dias family has managed a farm – the Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama – which produces a very interesting coffee. The coffee is grown at an altitude between 1.100 and 1250 meters asl, in an area where rainfall is between 1.800 and 2000 mm per year and the average temperature is 19 ° C: ideal conditions for coffee growing. We visited the Fazenda for the first time in 2000, then in 2012, in 2013 and, finally, in 2017.

The quality of this coffee had already proved to be excellent during our first visit, but it has much improved over the years. In 2017 we tasted an exceptional washed coffee: a sample of a small production with a very interesting sensory profile. This coffee combines the warm and cocoa aromas, typical of the Brazilian coffees with some unusual hints of chocolate, candied tangerine notes and an unexpected sweetness lasting in a sugar aftertaste.

Besides the sensory profile and the technical characteristics that determine its quality, what prompted us to believe in this coffee and include it in our range, were the training and research programs on the coffee varieties, the harvesting and processing methods illustrated by the producer and, last but not least, his remarkable sensitivity towards social and environmental issues.

Monte Alegre: the unmistakable taste of washed Brazilian coffees

In the southern part of the State of Minas Gerais is concentrated the main coffee production area of Brazil. It is exactly here that the Monte Alegre farm is located, which boasts a production of specialty coffees since the 1990s.

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Once again, in addition to the quality and the sensory characteristics of the coffee, we were struck by the farm management, the care they put into the harvesting, the selection and the processing of the coffee and the owner’s environmental and social sensitivity.

The producer encourages continuous improvement: nowadays, every single batch of coffee is entirely traceable, and all the data are collected, recorded, analysed and shared with those who, like us, buy the beans from the fazenda.

Among the coffees of the Fazenda Monte Alegre, we have chosen a fully washed coffee, harvested by selective picking; the mucilage is removed through biological fermentation in water tanks, adopting techniques that minimize the water consumption. The coffee is then sundried on patios.

The coffee grown at Monte Alegre surprised us for the easiness of its warm and chocolaty character, typical of a washed Brazilian coffee. Perfect to be combined in coffee blends, you can find it in our 100, LAB # 106 and 85/15.