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8 August 2020

Specialty People #3 – Ferramenta – Generi Alimentari

In the historical centre of Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna, there is a place where tradition meets innovation: mature meats, unique and sophisticated dishes and the opportunity to taste and buy our coffee.
The coffee is described and served by the Ferramenta team with same passion we used to describe it to them when we first met at a trade show. 

If you love tradition and you like to try new things, but above all if you are passionate about the history hidden in each ingredient, a dinner at “Ferramenta – Generi Alimentari” is a must.

– Ferramenta is a small gourmet boutique, can you tell us how it was born?

The story of Ferramenta Generi Alimentari tells the tradition of a well-known place in Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna.
In the 19th century the rooms next to the old hardware store (ferramenta, in Italian) were used for the cattle auctions: a popular tradition that we want to keep alive over time, thanks to our wide menu of fine meats.
Evolutionis the word that best describes our path: there’s no progress without history and that’s why, both the food and the restaurant decor clearly recall tradition. 
At Ferramenta, evolution joins tradition through the research and the choice of the best quality products.

– Do you personally select the products? If so, how did you know our coffees and why did you choose them?

The wise and accurate selection of products is crucial in our work. The chef and I consider their quality and study their origin, history and values.
We like to deepen the knowledge of our products, so we meet the producers to share their passion and the love for their job and their ingredients. 
We first met your coffee and your history at a trade show, where your passionate team created a link between our realities and made us want to choose your coffees for our shop.
We always select genuine products, products with a soul and a story to tell. Le Piantagioni’s compelling story enchanted us since the moment we met you and we retell it every day to our customers through the coffees we serve in our restaurant!

– We guess that the products displayed in the shop are the same you use in the kitchen: do you always create a connection between the two spaces? Are the customers tempted to take home some of the quality they found in the restaurant?

The display shelves are intended to raise the customers’ curiosity, to make them touch the products and above all, to give them the chance to buy what they have just enjoyed.
It’s a sort of bookstore, where the culture is not spread through the words, but through the flavours of the products you have chosen.

– “Craftsmanship”, meant as the detail-oriented dedication to our job, is a concept that our companies share. Do you think the customers get that our job is something more than just focussing on the quality of the ingredients?

People usually choose our restaurant because they know our dishes are extremely detail-oriented. Our customers appreciate quality, love it and stick to it. The shelves and the products on sale are intended to always highlight the idea of quality!
Craftsmanship is also the ability to develop the relationships with our suppliers and our customers and allow a common growth!

– When you sell or serve a coffee, do you think the customers are aware of what they are buying? If so, how did you deal with the scepticism towards a special coffee, far different from the one you used to serve?

They become aware when they get to know us, when they choose us. We go back to the first question: product awareness means also evolution and growth.
Just consider that since we opened the restaurant, we have switched from a local coffee, to a coffee roasted in our region and then to Le Piantagioni del Caffè.
Our start was cautious, trying to educate the customers to tasting what we were serving.
We believe that today our customers are ready for new experiences and can break through the habit barriers.Now the coffees that we serve are not aimed at satisfying the ordinary taste and the customers’ requests; these coffees offer a sensory experience as a start of the customers’ evolution.

– Which coffee do you serve at the restaurant and which one is on the shelves of the shop?

As mentioned, the products we serve are the same as those that customers can buy.
At the moment, for our espressos we are using 85/15, Cachoeira da Grama and Yrgalem.
Thanks to the descriptions of your products and with our support our customers start a critical approach to the coffee tasting. They are usually pleasantly surprised and when they come back, they want to try more!

-Describe your business and our coffee in three words.It is a game that we like to play with people who love simple things and want to make comprehensible products or concepts that are usually known by enthusiasts only.

I’ll do something more.
I’ll use the same words for both our businesses: we are unique, we are pioneers, we are bred-in-the-bone quality hunters and most of all, we are passionate and dedicated fellows!