Yrgalem Coffee - Estate coffee - Le Piantagioni del Caffè


Flowery with bergamot and honey notes. Remarkable acidity and citrucy aftertaste.

100% Arabica 100% Arabica
Sensory characteristics:
Aromatic and remarkably acidic
Ideal for:
Espresso Espresso
Moka Moka
Pods Pods
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It takes its name from the city of Yrgalem, in the Sidamo region in Ethiopia – motherland of all the Coffea Arabica coffees.

In the neighbourhoods of the city, this arabica variety named Typica is grown in small plots of land called coffee gardens.

This coffee is made with the wet processed Sidamo gr. 2 CMI beans, which Abdullah Bagersh specially selects for us and its astonishing character makes it best enjoyed unblended. Its great floral, bergamot and honey aroma comes prominently through the cup. Pleasant acidity and citrusy aftertaste.

This unblended drink will delight you thanks to its complex and extremely defined notes.

The peculiarity of its aromatic character and its gentle characteristics make of it an ideal drink between meals, in the afternoon or evening.

Single estate coffee

Sel. Sidamo, Yrgalem