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22 April 2020

Momenti Dirompenti: we answer your questions!

Good first!

Last Friday’s Disruptive Moments Live talk was interesting and the pro-active participation of the audience has given us some good food for thought.
However we don’t like to leave things hanging so we decided to answer some questions we haven’t been able to deal with during the Live.
Take your time to read them and feel free to write down your comments and, eventually, ask some more questions!


  1. Do you believe it is correct to have your espresso machine washed halfway through a working day?
    Yes, it is correct, whether you work a lot, or less!
    To support our answer we give you a coffee related example.  
    During moments a lower quantity of espresso is being extracted, there is a high risk that the residual coffee oils in the portafilter basket and the brew head become rancid oils and produce a dominant bad aroma which could easily be avoided by taking a few minutes of your time to clean the machine.
  2. I would like to draw the attention on the problems of re-opening the coffee shops and putting the coffee machines back to work. There will be a lot of pressure…
    We are not sure if we’ve understood the question properly but we will try to provide you with an answer, based on what we understand.
    If the question refers to water pressure, we answer that it depends on the location where the coffee shop is. Medium-large cities are equipped with pressure reducers with the purpose to provide everyone with more or less constant water pressure. In the absence of such reducers, some users use autoclaves.
    Before reopening, we recommend turning on the espresso machine and, without dispensing (meaning without operating the pump), check the pressure gauge. This will allow you to view the real network pressure. That said, we suggest to keep in mind that the network pressure is important, but what really matters is that the total extraction pressure (result of the sum between the network pressure and that supplied by the pump) never exceeds 9 atm.

    Moreover please find below the necessary, suggested, steps regarding how to re-start the coffee machine after a temporary shut-down:
    –  Switch ON the machine;
    –  Purge all the groups for some time (1lt of water each group)
    – Pour hot water from the hot water wand (once the machine is ON and reaches the 9 bar) to substitute the water in the main boiler with fresh water.

    If the coffee machine hasn’t been cleaned before shutting it down, clean thoroughly the groupheads, steam wands and around the seals
    – Flush lots of hot soapy water down the drain;
    – Flush lots of hot soapy water down the pitcher and rinse after cleaning is done.
  3. Massi…how important is quality when it comes to a turnover increase?
    Certainly quality is very important. If quality is done all-round it generates value from many points of view.
    Making quality means dedicating oneself to a project, becoming passionate about a product and recognizing its dignity. It means studying a living organism learning to recognize its pros and cons, and assisting the customer by supporting him or her in a continuous training process, transmitting simple but true concepts and therefore capable of conferring real, tangible and often measurable added value in terms of turnover.
  4. More frequent collaboration with hotel schools
    Although this is not a question, it represents an excellent food for thought. If we were able to establish a continuous collaboration mechanism (understood as theoretical-practical training) with some hotel schools, future professionals would certainly be more prepared if coffee becomes a subject of studies, since this would allow them to build up critical thinking. Collaborations with hotel schools are more than welcome.
  5. Dark roasting and a sweet aftertaste, what kind of coffee beans it take?
    Given that we are not fans of dark roasting since we believe it ruins the intrinsic organoleptic characteristics of the raw material (green coffee) or masks any defects, if you want a sweet aftertaste, we recommend a 100% arabica coffee either blend or single estate (and therefore traceable) from Brazil, better if the green coffee is processed with the natural method.