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Talking about coffee
29 April 2020

Momenti Dirompenti # 2: answering your questions

Last Thursday we were live on our FB page for the second appointment of Momenti Dirompenti.
We chatted in a joyful way and we shared part of our history together with Enrico Meschini.
The central theme of the whole conversation was the enthusiasm and the passion which has always guided the company decisions since the early nineties when all started.
In fact, Enrico told us about the difficulties he encountered but also the many satisfactions that the world of Specialty Coffee has reserved for him.
In 1993 he was invited to a meeting during which he had the opportunity to taste some Brazilian Specialty Coffees: it was love at first sight. Since then he has never stopped exploring this subject, he continued studying, researching and traveling.
Over the years collaborators have joined Enrico in the company with whom he shared the same enthusiasm and passion, which in his opinion and with the agreement of all the participants, are the key to our success.
What allowed us to find a space in a difficult and still unknown market was the ability to tell a true story: the story of the coffee itself.

Its harvest, the processing, a story with a hand we touched and assimilated during travelling in the countries of origin.
Waiting for the next virtual meeting to be held on Friday 8 May at 18:30 live on our Facebook page, we answer here below two questions which were asked during the last live broadcast.

  1. In order to see and touch quality with your own hands, how important is it to travel abroad?

    Traveling is a fundamental part of the pursuit of quality.
    The journey represents not only the beginning of the itinerary but it also is a very precise choice: producing quality by going to the countries of origin is possible only if you decide to travel with “conscious eyes”.
    Opening up to experiences, to encounters with producers and their habits different from ours, has opened up a world for us and presented us a panorama of immense growth.
    Only on this true basis can a human relationship be built, and it is precisely that human relation we at Le Piantagioni have committed to: by learning, talking with the producers, studying, asking and observing we have really managed to produce quality.
    In fact, Enrico concluded his intervention as follows: “It is not possible to create quality if we do not give value to the human relationship”.

  2. Which countries, in particular European countries, have a vision and more demanding market in respect to the research for quality compared to Italy?

    A unanimous and spontaneous answer: Scandinavia and in particular Denmark.
    The countries of the Scandinavian peninsula and Denmark have shown in recent years to have excellent knowledge of the product, to have a deep-rooted culture, and they are ready to put themselves at the service of quality without compromise.
    What Denmark and other European countries are focusing on is professionalization.
    Education and training are ways to look beyond, to go towards progression and it is one of the keys to emerge out of difficult times.