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Talking about coffee
3 April 2020

Le Piantagioni del Caffè Academy

You have often trustfully asked us, if the Italian espresso is really the best coffee in the world and, to answer such a question, we have to be pitilessly honest.

“We Italians are ironclad, our coffee is the best, isn’t it?”

Alas, we are forced to argue that, a part from rare exceptions, the answer is simple and it is “no, it



On average, the coffee we drink in Italy is low quality for two simple reasons:

the first reason is that most of the roasters buy very low-quality green coffee (both Arabica and

Robusta) to keep the price down and so to offer low prices to their customers, which also include

additional services such as the supply of equipment and financial backing.


The second reason is a predictable consequence of the first one; that is, Italian roasters roast the coffee extremely dark in the attempt to cover up the major defects, but at the same time intensifying the aggressiveness of the body, the bitterness and the hints of burnt rubber.

The false myth of the Italian espresso is costing us very dearly, in particular abroad and in the world of Specialty Coffees.

At Le Piantagioni del Caffè we move just in the world of Specialty coffees and we must fight every day against the bad reputation created, over time, by many Italian coffee roasters.

Our effort today is to change this reputation by putting quality first, both in terms of raw material and roasting methods.

Remember that spending a few cents more to drink a quality coffee is always worth your while.

Behind that dime hides the meticulous work of the farmers and ours, as roasters!


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