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7 May 2018

La Cumbre win the Cup of Excellence 2018!

It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce the victory of the coffee La Cumbre (El Salvador), at the fifteenth edition of the Cup of Excellence that ended last 12th April, in El Salvador.

The Cup of Excellence is the most prestigious annual competition held in several producing countries to identify the highest quality coffees produced. The victory is the biggest recognition that a producer can receive for the quality of their coffee.

With a score of 91.8, Margarita Lucia Diaz De Lopez, Emilio Lopez Diaz’s mother, ranked first with a coffee from the Finca El Manzano (La Cumbre); an area that dominates the whole finca and that, for this reason, is called La Cumbre, which means The Peak.

Here are the standings:

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It’s right in the Salvadoran coffee district of Apaneca-Illamatepec that the best coffees of El Salvador are grown, thanks to the fertile volcanic soil.

La Cumbre is one of our single estates coffees, a natural coffee with incredible sensory characteristics; it is best enjoyed unblended, in order not to miss its fruity character with apple, cherry and banana notes. That is why we suggest that you drink it between meals and preferably without any milk or sugar.

Finca La Cumbre: an estate of excellence

The La Cumbre coffee, an arabica of the Bourbon variety, is grown between 1,500 and 1,600 m asl, approximately 200 m higher than the already exceptional coffee grown in the lower finca of El Manzano. Harvested between late December and mid-February, it is sundried on patios and every single lot is controlled throughout the supply chain.

When you get to La Cumbre you immediately understand its excellence. Here research and experimentation lead the whole work, information are collected at every step so that all the coffee and its evolution are fully traceable throughout the processing phases, the machineries are modern and innovatory, the cleanness is stunning and the staff has a professional expertise.

In his finca, Emilio Lopez Diaz takes care of his cafetal, producing the best natural coffee that can be found between Costa Rica and Mexico; an incredibly special product that we have been offering to our customers for two years.

When Emilio started to run the business in 2001, he decided that he would be led by innovation, whilst valuing the tradition of the Lopez family. It was in those years, that Emilio met Enrico Meschini who suggested that he restored the ancient tradition of the natural Salvadoran coffees.

We like to think we were accomplices of the success of the Lopez family and that the collaboration started twenty years ago with all our producers, together with Emilio’s talent and inventiveness, has contributed to create this great Salvadoran coffee!