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3 April 2018

Estate coffees, blended, combined or unblended?

The long research we have been carrying out in the countries of origin leads us today to count on a vast number of estate coffees, each coming from a specific farm, located in a specific area of a producing country and each with a distinct and well-defined organoleptic profile.
We asked ourselves what we could do when we had so many different estate coffees available, and here is the answer – or rather – the 3 answers.

1. Estate coffees blends

You can choose to blend three or more coffees to create a blend of estate coffees, specifically the coffee bag will contain at least three different coffees.
The blend is particularly indicated when you are looking for balance, complexity and a good ability to accompany milk.
An ideal solution for breakfast: its complex and balanced character allows the blend to express itself even in a drink with milk and to marry with pastry.

2. Single estate coffees, unblended

In this case, the coffee comes solely from a specific farm, located in a specific geographical area.
When proposing a single estate coffee, unblended, we renounce to the balance, in favour of the search for more particular characteristics.
You choose to offer a coffee with an organoleptic profile that can make the consumer go through a different, unique experience and that can be enjoyed and appreciated at particular times of the day.
To fully appreciate this sensory experience, it is advisable to drink these coffees without milk nor sugar, which could muffle a part of its scents.

A combination of estate coffees

When only two estate coffees are combined, we are dealing with a combination of estate coffees.
Not all coffees are suitable for this match; however, there are some estate coffees that, when combined in certain percentages, create a product that while not having the balance of a blend, nor the extreme peculiarity of a single estate unblended coffee, still has some of the one and some of the other.
The result is a coffee well harmonizing with milk and as an accompaniment to breakfast pastries, offering at the same time, an untraditional taste experience.

A coffee that fits all situations: the San Luis!

Among our coffees, there are some that are particularly suitable for blends, combinations, as well as unblended. It’s the case of the San Luis, an Arabica coffee from the Finca San Luis in El Salvador, a farm located in the Cordillera del Balsamo – mountains of volcanic origin protected from the cold winds of the Pacific Ocean by windbreaks.

Here is how we have used it:

  • unblended, to create a product named San Luis, with a brisk and amiably acidic character; it’s ideal at breakfast, as espresso, but it can also be enjoyed in the afternoon.
  • in a combination with a Robusta coffee from the Indian estate Raigode, to create the San Luis & Raigode, an intense and full-bodied coffee. Best enjoyed at breakfast, as espresso or prepared with milk, or after opulent meals.
  • In the blend 100, along with other four estate coffees, to create a well-balanced and chocolaty coffee. A 100% Arabica blend that reveals a stunning aromatic complexity, sweetness and smoothness, but also a nice structure and a persistent finish.