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Estate coffee since 1994

“ At that time, betting on estate coffees was a utopia. But we were so convinced that it was the right way to go, that we have continued tracing it until our beliefs have met a positive response..

Enrico Meschini

Estate coffee is the underlying idea that since 1994 has marked our business. Estate coffee is the way to offer in the cup a stunning sensory experience and the perseverance guaranteed only by a total control of the supply chain, starting from the farming sites, through the botanical varieties, the harvesting methods, the processing and the selection procedures.

Since 1994, estate coffee is what has allowed us to work as an alternative to the traditional roasteries, and it still does, whatever we do.

In an ordinary day, while a traditional roaster would sit at his desk and phone to a trader to place his order of green coffee, Prunella, our green coffee research manager, is at the airport and will soon be flying to visit a coffee producing country.
She will meet the farmers we already supply coffee from, visit their estates and she will share with them our new necessities and their troubles. Together, they will try to improve the raw material and to find the what most suits our needs. During her trip, she may visit other estates and, maybe, once at home, she will announce to have found an interesting new coffee. More than a year and long-term lab work, roasting tests and cupping sessions might be necessary before the coffee is ready to be offered to our customers.

Once this preliminary work is over, we will be certain of the product we sell and we will have started a new cooperation and, maybe, a new friendship, with a farmer living on the other side of the world.

In the meantime, in our laboratory, we keep on tasting the samples of the estate coffee we already know. In this way, every single coffee that we roast is a coffee we can swear by.

To travel the world searching for coffee doesn’t mean to do the producers’ job, but it means to get in touch with them, to share the information, to help them improve their coffees and, at the same time, be taught by them, who spend their lives in the shade of the coffee trees.
A direct relationship with the farmers enabled us to widen our knowledge and to many of them to strengthen their engagement to produce quality coffee. For many of them, this growth has resulted in an improved life style and labour conditions. This special relation with us makes the job of many of these farmers extremely satisfactory.
Nowadays, the direct relation with the farmers is our major investment in the future. Year after year, it allows us to continuously monitor the quality standards and the peculiarities of every coffee we buy and make sure that they remain unchanged through the time. A guarantee of constancy for us and for our customers.

Every day in front of the roasting machine, our master roaster gets set for an intense working day.
Each roasting session requires all of his skills to take all the aromas out of the beans, to enhance the organoleptic notes and to create a top-of-the-range product as the outcome of all the previous research.
Each estate coffee is roasted separately, following the most suitable roasting curve.
Inside the roasting machine the coffee undergoes a deep transformation: the master knows exactly when to stop this process and start the air cooling phase. If it’s true that technology has remarkably improved our job, it is also true that the machines can only work if driven by expert people.

The roasting curve we use for each estate coffee is not intended to speed up the process nor to give a particular color to the roasted beans, but it is meant to best enhance the aroma and the flavor of that specific coffee. It is namely during the roasting process that it becomes essential to use estate coffees. Knowing the coffees, being confident that they have always been processed in the same way, having them controlled and monitored throughout the whole supply chain, guarantees that the raw materials we work with are as constant as possible.
Given these premises, we only have to do our best in order to obtain a true quality coffee!

If it is true that the use of estate coffees, controlled throughout the whole supply chain, guarantees us the raw material quality standard, it is also true that events happen.
In order to prevent them from happening and to confirm the result of our job, we have developed a quality control system applicable to the items we produce daily. For each product, we collect a sample which is then tested in our lab to analyze the color, the beans integrity and the outcome after brewing, using an original and registered cupping procedure.
The constancy of our estate coffees allowed us to set the bench marks of each: the coffee will be sold only if it is compliant.
The quality control is the last step of a manufacturing process making of quality our real strong point, an actual way of being and of working and not just a mere word.