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20 July 2018

Coming soon our coffee Kombucha: cold brewed and fermented!

For people like us, born by the sea, summer is the moment of rebirth. The autumn was not yet over and we were already thinking about these warm months of 2018, planning to create a new coffee-based drink.

Our friends of Alimento, Michele Valotti and Cesare Rizzini, were doing the same in Brescia. Alimento (which in Italian means “food”) represents an interesting concept: it is a craft workshop born from the desire to enhance the raw material by extending its nutritional and cultural peculiarities and transforming it into “food”. It is a place where manual labour, food culture but also alchemy of flavours and technical innovation guide experimentation in the areas of ice cream, focacceria (flat bread) but also of natural leavening and fermentation.

While we were working on the cold brew, Michele and Cesare were studying the fermentation process which applies, among other things, also to coffee. Chatting almost by chance about our projects, we decided to combine the two techniques and there’s the idea of a coffee kombucha made from the cold brew of a specialty coffee.

What is a coffee Kombucha?

It is a drink produced by fermenting a coffee brew using a “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast” (SCOBY). There are various theories and stories concerning the etymology of the word kombucha and the origin of this drink, but none of these has a real background in history. We like to think that everything started from the East, but we’ll talk about this in one of the next articles ?

The combination of the two techniques – cold brew and fermentation – gave immediately positive results and so we kept on trying countless variables. Step by step, we had to choose three basic things:

  • the type of coffee
  • the cold brew recipe (brew ratio, type of water, grinding, extraction time and temperature, type of filters, etc.)
  • the fermentation recipe, considering the quantity of sugar, the number of fermentations, the fermentation environment and so on.

Month after month, together with Michele and Cesare, we learned to control the process and all its variables, and the results have become increasingly interesting. At a certain point, we had to choose a single taste of coffee and finally an uncommon organoleptic profile has been chosen, although not too intense.

The new drink

The product we are bottling today comes from a cold brew, i.e. with cold water, of the coffee from the Finca San Luis. This is a specialty Arabica coffee from El Salvador, which we also offer unblended.

The coffee is ground and infused in cold water, according to a recipe (brew ratio), for a specific time and at a specific temperature. Then the cold brew undergoes a double fermentation, the first one in the air, while the second one directly in the bottle. The result is a new fermented and lively drink, slightly sparkling, with a fresh and thirst-quenching taste, to be kept in the fridge and best served chilled. It is an alternative way to taste the rich aromatic character of the San Luis coffee.

The serving suggestions are many: at home as a refreshing drink, at the restaurant as a digestif or between one dish and another, in the coffee shop and at the bar for a brisk and thirst-quenching drink. It is ideal for the coffee lovers and the coffee specialists who want to try new ways of enjoying coffee, and at the same time, it also suits all the people who are interested in natural and healthy products.

At the moment we produce only one preparation of Kombucha, but we are planning to develop others, in order to give the consumers the opportunity to taste and experience different flavours.

Do you want to learn more about our coffee Kombucha? Contact us now