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5 June 2019

Iridamo: an innovative coffee with an international profile

Iridamo is a coffee to which we are particularly attached, being one of our first combinations of coffees on the market and at the same time one of the most innovative and original products. Iridamo is a journey through Ethiopia and Guatemala, which combines two specialty coffees from two of the best producing countries to achieve a unique olfactory and organoleptic complexity: defined but not too pungent.

Its perfect balance is the result of work and passion of ours, but also of the coffee producers with whom, over the years we have built a relationship of mutual esteem and respect.


How was Iridamo born?

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 One of the coffees of which we are most proud today could not but contain an Ethiopian coffee, coming from a territory known to amateurs and lovers for the quality of the raw material. Let’s take a step back and close our eyes: let’s imagine we are taking part in that coffee ceremony, in Ethiopia, which has remained vividly etched in the memory of Enrico Meschini, globe trotter of Le Piantagioni del Caffè, on the occasion of one of his adventurous journeys looking for new coffees, back in 2003. A simple pan, surrounded by flower petals, on which the green beans are roasted and then, with a mortar, ground into powder and boiled in water, in the traditional ceramic jug called Jebena. The powder then settles on the bottom of the jug and the coffee is finally drunk in a quantity of three cups for each person. This is the Ethiopian ceremony: a country where the tradition for coffee has been handed down for years, an absolute certainty in terms of quality.

The first idea of Iridamo was conceived during these first trips; selecting a coffee from the Sidamo region, the current Yrgalem, which was of a higher level compared to the coffee commonly used at the time. The coffee from this area was indeed famous for its quality, whose standards were unfortunately, often disregarded: we wanted to find and propose a Sidamo coffee that really belonged to us. And so it was.

Sidamo coffee was combined with the Guatemalan coffee, originally from the finca Iris, hence the name Iri-damo (Iris + Sidamo). Over the years the farm Iris has been replaced with the current finca El Hato Blue, more in line with our need to create a pleasantly acidic coffee.

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An international bet

We like to consider Iridamo an original and unconventional coffee compared to the usual Italian coffee reality. It is characterized by an acidity and an olfactory complexity often far from the traditional taste of our country. A perfect balance of aroma, taste and consistency between the current Yrgalem and Guatemalan coffee. Of the first, it preserves both the acidity, though reduced and its floral/citrus notes and from the second, it takes the cream and the body. Iridamo is in fact, a combination of two coffees: a good compromise between a blend and a single estate coffee, still offering very interesting flavours and unusual aromas. Iacopo Bargoni calls it an espresso that goes beyond the boundaries of the Italian traditional taste; a pleasant compromise between the marked acidity, so much loved and sought after in the North European countries and the persistent body appreciated in Italy.

In fact, unlike the North European countries, in Italy, the acidity is little appreciated and often confused with bitterness. That’s why Iridamo, with its gentle acidity, represents a good compromise, appreciated not only abroad but also in Italy.

Moreover, unlike micro-lot coffees, it is a specialty coffee that can be produced in large quantities.


Iridamo: a coffee for everyone?

Iridamo is a product suitable for all those coffee shops that somehow feel they can dare by offering a coffee with an organoleptic profile markedly different from what is commonly found in coffee shops. Its complex taste needs to be explained, so as to spread the culture of quality coffee…This is a difficult task for us, since in Italy, a country with numerous and often contrasting culinary traditions, there is not a common standard defining a good espresso. Perfect for every occasion, it can be a very pleasant espresso, macchiato or cappuccino, thanks to its ability to match perfectly with milk.

We like to call it, in the words of Enrico Meschini “a coffee that never disappoints and always up to the situation”.

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