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27 January 2020

Alto Palomar: a coffee with a taste of freedom

When we went to Peru for the first time, our goal was not to discover a new estate at any cost (as we usually do). It was rather a name, a person, a legend that sparked our curiosity: a legend called Felix Marin.

Felix is an agricultural engineer who has dedicated his life to safeguarding the work of small cooperatives of coffee farmers, constantly threatened by the attacks of Sendero Luminoso, a bloody Peruvian Maoist terrorist organization that luckily stopped its attacks in 1992. In that period, Felix Marin repeatedly endangered his life to protect those small coffee producers, as well as the gold miners.

Fascinated by his story, his strong ethical commitment and his great work, we wanted to make our contribution by creating a project, entirely sponsored by CSC, which included the construction of an espresso cupping laboratory at the Cooperativa Agraria Cafetelara Ecologica Alto Palomar.


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We have also organized an espresso cupping course for local producers so as to further strenghten our relationship with the Cooperative. In the meantime, we began to enhance the Cooperative’s excellent coffee production work, until an excellent batch, Organic and Fair Trade certified, gave us the push to create a new coffee to be included in our assortment.

Alto Palomar is a coffee with a great personality, with notes of honey, toasted almond and cocoa, with a good body and a delicate acidity. It is ideal for all those people looking for an organic coffee, grown according to an ethical production, which in fact is also Fair Trade certified.


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Alto Palomar is a unique coffee, with a wide and surprising sensory profile. It not only carries intense aromas that gently tantalize our senses, but it also tells a story of endurance, of hard work and decent people. Its scent tastes of freedom.

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