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About us


Our journey in the world of coffee started in 1994 and it was mainly a quest.
We have always gone beyond the concepts of location and country of origin, as far as the estate, retracing the road first walked by the world of wine. In each estate coffee we search for the indelible signature of the soil, of the botanical variety, of the selective harvesting, pulping, drying process. The roasting and the brewing finally enhance the coffee in the cup.
And it's right there in the cup, where people discover our job, that we want to propose some special coffees with defined characters, to choose depending on the personal taste and on the time of the day.
When the world of coffee did not even imagine what an estate coffee was and when nobody traveled the world to select their raw materials, we did…..today when everybody is talking about “origin”, we keep following our path.


Throughout the years, the ideas of the founder Carlalberto Relli, met Enrico Meschini's experience; the heir of a four-generation family always devoted to quality coffees. Enrico had already experienced several travels to the estates, thanks to which he had broadened his knowledge about coffee and his tasting skills, as far as becoming a member of the International jury of the Cup of Excellence and the founder and President of CSC – Certified Speciality Coffee Association.
This meeting gave us the strength to invest on the forefront idea of the estate coffees.

We moved from Scarperia, near Florence, to Livorno and we grew up, also thanks to Paolo Milani and Andrea Onida’s support. As Enrico’s daughter, Prunella and her husband, Iacopo joined the company, we have created a team of speciality coffees professionals with the goal of pursuing Le Piantagioni del Caffè’s concept of quality with even more energy and to project it into the future.


Coffee is grown far away from us, in the intertropical zone. The supply chain, bringing it from the countries of origin to the cup, is very long. By buying the coffee directly from the estates, we have managed to shorten it, prizing every single step and the work of all the parties involved.

To pursue the quality, we have chosen to start from the beginning, visiting the countries of origin in search of estate coffees with interesting characteristics. During these trips, we have built and we keep on building direct relationships with the producers of our special coffees. With them, we have shared our experiences and we have worked towards improving the quality of their estate coffees and, consequently, of our products. Nowadays, the producers we supply from, have become coffee specialists like us, regardless of the dimension of their estate.


At Le Piantagioni del Caffè you will find many different coffees offered unblended (single estate), combinations (two estates) or blends. A wide range of crafted coffees, all with defined characteristics, will drive you through a delightful sensory experience and will guide your choice thanks to a speaking label, displaying the estates of origin, the organoleptic features and the best brewing options.

You will also learn that coffee can have several tastes, you will taste it and discover, even if you didn’t know it, that you have your preferences …and finally you will elect your own coffee.